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New Theory No. 1. The fate of Thomas Elrod

Posted by southernkin on 2009/11/12

It has been assumed that Thomas (1716-1794?) died young, but it now appears that he remained in Maryland, because he leased land on the Monocacy River (known as “Monocacy Manor”) from Lord Baltimore around 1742. He was also involved in the establishment of the Evangelical Lutheran Church near Michael Heisner’s Plantation. This information negates some attempts to establish Sarah Wood as the mother of a Thomas Elrod, born 1741. Nothing is known of Thomas’s children, but given the procreation talents of the Elrod family, there is no reason to assume he had no descendants. He might even have been the ancestor of some of the unaccounted-for Elrods who appeared later in TN and GA.

THEORY:  Thomas Elrod survived childhood, lived near his father in Maryland, and likely had descendants.


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New Theory No. 2: the Jeremiah puzzle

Posted by southernkin on 2009/11/12

This theory arises from where the Elrods lived in 1790.   It was common for brothers, fathers, in-laws to live near each other.  See the page at right 1790 Elrod neighborhoods in North Carolina.

It seems likely that Jeremiah Jr., son of Jeremias, married Mary Null, because he lived near his brother Adam, uncle Robert, and Michael and Jacob Null,  who are probably some near relatives of his wife. Based on their graves in Lutheran cemeteries, the Nulls appear to be Lutheran.  It is  likely this neighborhood was not Moravian, or did not remain Moravian.

The other Jeremiah who married Mary ‘Polly” and Barbara Vogler may have been the son of Wilhelm, as he lives in the same area as two other sons of Wilhelm.  At any rate, it seems more likely that the Jeremiah living near Samuel and Peter is not Jeremiah Jr. but Jeremiah II.

THEORY:  the two Jeremiahs have been confused with each other.

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New Theory No. 3: sons of Wilhelm

Posted by southernkin on 2009/11/12

In the 1790 Elrod neighborhoods, Samuel and Peter, known sons of Wilhelm I, lived near each other.  Wilhelm’s son Conrad lived in a different place.  He remained in NC when many other Elrods moved within the decade to SC.  That much is known.

However, Wilhelm’s now-deceased son William Jr. (c. 1732-1782) also bought land near his father’s Deep River home.   Some have speculated that William went to live with his mother near the Yadkin River.  Given his age, that is unlikely.  He surely must have been married and had children.

One theory, unproved, is that he married Elizabeth Fauntleroy, widow of Lawrence Muse, about 1765.  The Muse Family Genealogy Forum has some evidence regarding the mysterious Fauntleroy Muse and DNA evidence showing several lines of Muses in America.  The name Fauntleroy appears among Pennsylvania Elrods in the late 1800s, early 1900s.  One researcher maintains that Lawrence Muse may never have existed.  The existence or non-existence of Lawrence Muse (possibly related to John Teter Elrod’s Kentucky wife, Mary Muse) neither proves nor disproves a possible marriage between Elizabeth Fauntleroy and William Elrod Jr.  According to a western PA regional history, she did marry a Col. William Elrod and live in PA.  William Elrod, Jr., lived in NC, but that would not have prevented her moving to the Allegheny region after his death.

THEORY:   William Elrod Jr. likely had descendants.

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George Elrods in 19th Century South Carolina

Posted by southernkin on 2009/12/10

In response to some readers’ questions about George Elrod in early 19th century South Carolina, I’m including some data on various persons either named “George Elrod” or who are children of one or another George Elrod, along with available death dates,  parents, or spouse.

All this information comes from cemetery records in South Carolina.  However, not all of it is absolutely certain, since there may be (and in fact are)  some conflicts between these entries and other available material on the same person(s).

As this list shows, there are several George Elrod “twins” — for example, a George W. Elrod is son of George G. Elrod, and another person by that same  name is son of Adam Soelle Elrod.

From the cemetery records:

Surname Given Name(s) Date of Birth Date of Death Parent
ELROD Aaron S 1842 George G  ELROD
ELROD Adam Franklin Lewis 18 Jan 1834 24-Jun-06 George B.  ELROD
ELROD Bethina 1843 George  ELROD
ELROD Claude Henry 3-Jul-1908 29-Oct-1953 George Thomas  ELROD
ELROD Elias Freeman 1829 George  ELROD
ELROD Elijah B. May 1862 George B.  ELROD
ELROD George 4 Jan 1802 11 Jul 1889 Abraham  ELROD  Sr
ELROD George B. 21 Dec 1791 4 Dec 1855 Isaac  ELROD
ELROD George G 1810 1865 Samuel  ELROD
ELROD George G 1826 Levi  ELROD
ELROD George Herbert Murel Wade  ELROD
ELROD George Lee 2 May 1878 William M  ELROD
ELROD George Mc Duffie 29 Jan 1835 13-Apr-18 Elias Franklin  ELROD
ELROD George Milton 13 Feb 1850 George  ELROD
ELROD George Thomas 30 Jan 1880 17-Dec-33 Elbert Jackson Welborn  ELROD
ELROD George W 1846 George G  ELROD
ELROD George W. Adam Soelle  ELROD
ELROD James Jenkins 1833 George  ELROD
ELROD Louisa 1840 George  ELROD
ELROD Mahala Ann 20 Feb 1818 5 Nov 1859 George B.  ELROD
ELROD Margret Lea 1840 George G  ELROD
ELROD Martha Feb 1845 George  ELROD
ELROD Martha F 1838 George G  ELROD
ELROD Mary A 1848 1918 George G  ELROD
ELROD Mary E. 1 May 1828 6 Aug 1894 George B.  ELROD
ELROD Phillip W 20 Jul 1844 19-Jun-08 George G  ELROD
ELROD Richardson Owen 1822 19 Nov 1872 George B.  ELROD
ELROD Sallie L 19 Sep 1844 15 Jun 1872 not named Husband-George W  ELROD
ELROD Samuel 1834 George G  ELROD
ELROD Sarah M. 27 Mar 1825 George B.  ELROD
ELROD Thomas J. 1835 George  ELROD
ELROD Thomas Jackson Thomas Jackson  ELROD
ELROD Thomas Jackson 23-Nov-06 11-Dec-82 George Thomas  ELROD
ELROD Thomas Martin Jul 1863 George B.  ELROD
ELROD Velma George Thomas  ELROD
ELROD William Addison 16 May 1832 1890 George G  ELROD
ELROD William Allen George B.  ELROD

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Loved Ones To Remember

Posted by southernkin on 2009/12/03

We are delighted to post photos of Elrods who have gone before us.  See our new page of Elrod Photos.

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