Elrod Family Genealogy

Lineage and Descendants of Samuel Elrod I

Notes on the descendants of Samuel Elrod I (c. 1765 – bef. 1840).

Samuel Elrod, born in Maryland between 1760 and 1770, was grandson of Johan Dieter Elrodt and Maria Magdalena Lerchenzeiler, among a party of refugees who emigrated from the German Palatinate in 1710. They boarded a ship from Rotterdam with one child, usually assumed to be Wilhelm Elrodt I, born around 1708. The Elrodt family disembarked in New York, settled in what is now Delaware, worshipped at the then Lutheran Old Swedes Church in/near Wilmington,  moved to Lancaster County, PA, and eventually to Frederick County, MD, where they settled near the Monocacy River. Johan Dieter died in that vicinity around 1742.

Most of the Elrodt children decided to leave Maryland after Johan Dieter died.   Apparently only Thomas Elrod remained in Maryland. Wilhelm I, Jeremias, Robert, Christopher, and Anna Margaretha (m. Georg Hauser), settled in North Carolina. John Teter must have gone along on that journey, but after meeting Mary Muse in Kentucky, married her, and settled there. Before the end of the century, Elrod family members were living in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, the Allegheny region of Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.   Their movements generally followed the  Appalachians, with settlements on either east or west side of the mountains.

In 1736 Johan Dieter Elrodt’s eldest son Wilhelm I married Anna Beschell [Bischoff] in Maryland. Because it is known that Wilhelm had a son, William, whose birth year sometimes given as 1737 conflicts with his brother Samuel, and because of Wilhelm’s age of 36-39 years, it is likely Anna was his second wife.  After this marriage, Wilhelm and Anna had several other children: Samuel (1737-1830?), whom we are designating Samuel I, Elizabeth (1739-), Susanna (1741-bef 1783), Catherine (1748-?), Conrad (1749-1817) – all the preceding born in MD, plus others born in NC, namely Peter(1755-1815 or 1818), and possibly Jeremiah (1756-1843). William’s spouse is unknown, although some sources name Elizabeth Fauntleroy, primarily on the basis of a western PA regional history that identifies her as the spouse of Col. William Elrod. The spouses of the other children were: Samuel I + Elizabeth Unknown; Elizabeth + Joseph Clardey; Catherine + James King; Conrad + Mary Hoffman; Susanna + Unk. Lewis; Jeremiah + Mary Null (see other posts in this web site for more discussion on the confusion among the various Jeremiahs).    Since Conrad was born in Monocacy, Wilhelm’s move to NC occurred no earlier than 1750.

Wilhelm’s family then settled near the Yadkin River in NC, not significantly distant from the Moravian settlements in and near Salem, which other members of the Elrod family joined.  Based on later movements and census data, it is clear that  some of the various Elrod families continued to communicate with each other for at least another generation or two, from Kentucky to North Carolina, and between  Carolina settlements.  The descendants of Wilhelm Elrod, Jeremiah Elrod, Christopher Elrod Jr. and families into which Elrod women married, particularly Hausers, Bischoffs (Bishops), and Riddles, stayed in NC until after 1790.  Then a number of them moved to South Carolina.  Numerous Elrods made the same move from North Carolina into the Pendleton district of South Carolina: Adam, Abraham, Isaac, Jeremiah, James, Peter, William, and Samuel I along with Samuel II.

In 1800 Samuel I and Samuel II were living in the same household in Pendleton, SC, along with Levi, born in 1789; Mary,   born 16 Mar 1797.  The wife of Samuel II is unknown.  Samuel’s children born in SC include a son Samuel, whom we shall call Samuel III, born in August, 1800; George G., born in 1810;   a daughter Nancy, dates unknown; Newberry, born after 1800 (estimate, 1805).

This family and offspring stayed in NC for another two decades.  In 1810 Samuel II is living in the same neighborhood as William Elrod.  His household has 2 males 0-10 (Samuel III and Newberry); 1 male 10-16 (uncertain who this is, possibly Samuel III); 1 male over 45 (himself); 1 female 0-10; 2 females 10-16; 1 female 16-45 (wife). In other words,  2 young boys, 1 age 16 or less, one wife, and two young daughters between 10 and 16.

William’s household is unusual, in that there are has i.e. 2 males 16-26; William and brother?, 3 females 16-26. This suggests possibly two young married couples in same house, with a third unmarried sister. Nearby surnames are some names familiar to Elrod genealogists – Swords, Timms, Black, Moore, and Boyd, plus White, Jolly, Robinson, Prater, Harbin.

In 1830 Samuel II has gone to Habersham County, GA.  He and his sons and daughter live side by side.  The census data gives us this information:    Samuel II is between 70 -80, his wife between 50-60 years, with one daughter 10-15.  Samuel III is between 20-30 years, as is his wife, with 2 sons under 5, 1 son age 5-10. Nubery and wife next door are also aged 20-30 and have two sons between 0 and 5 years old. Next is Abraham Horton (sp. Horten), age 20-30, wife 30-40, 3 daughters 5 or under, 1 between 5 and 10, and one over 10. Levi (age 40-50) has nine children, 5 sons and 4 daughters, including one son and daughter between 15 and 20 years old.

The reason for this move is almost certainly the Georgia land lottery, which distributed Cherokee/Creek lands five times between 1805 and 1832.  Before 1838, Samuel II, given preferential treatment for his Revolutionary War service, received his land: [1]

273 Samuel Elrod, Sen., r. s.[2], Jones’s, Habersham.*

Son Newberry also received land from this lottery, as well as Abraham Horton and other members of the Elrod family in Hall County. [3]
By 1840 Samuel II no longer appears. Samuel III and his brother Newberry are still in GA, in Herrin’s District and Clarkville respectively. Newberry has 1 son and 1 daughter under 5 and 2 sons age 10-15. By comparing later data to that of this census, we can gather the composition of Samuel’s household: Samuel himself, between age 30-40; Abraham, age 7; John M. Carter, age 11; Jacob, about age 17; one other son in the 10-15 range.; daughter Susannah, age 2; another daughter between 5 and 10; and wife Susannah, under age 40.

By 1850 Samuel III has moved to Monroe County, TN, along with Newberry’s son, Newberry Jr. We are now able to identify Samuel’s younger children as Abraham, (age 17);  Susannah (12), Margaret (8), and Samuel IV (1). Samuel IV probably died in childhood, because he never appears again. Nephew Newberry is a farmer, age 26, married to Harriet (age 26), with children Nancy (5) and Elizabeth (1). Newberry cannot be found later; we wonder if he died in the Civil War.
In 1860 we discover another son of Samuel III, as the family group is now in Polk County, TN. Samuel III, with wife Susannah and daughters Margaret and Susannah live next to son Abraham (age 25), with his wife Elmira (Mary Elmira Jones, age 20), Matilda (7), John (5), Payton (2), and G (probably George, age 45?). Two houses away on the other side is son Jacob (35), wife Missouri Cordell (30), Leonard (Lemuel?, age 12), John (10), Mary (8), Samuel (6), Jacob (4). These ages are suspect, because son Jacob’s eventual death certificate (in 1938) gives a birth year of 1859.  Abraham served in Company H, 39th NC Infantry, CSA.  He was wounded but survived the war.
By 1870, Missouri has died, and Jacob Sr., now a miller, has moved to Cherokee County, NC. His new wife is named Patience (40), and son Jacob (with a more accurate age of 11) is now secreted under his middle name “Elsberry” (fortunately, this mystery is solved at his death, when his name is misspelled on his death certificate as “Aldess Baeril”). Other children are Samuel (13; eventually married Lucinda Fowler), Martha (8), John (6), Santafee (3), and James (6 mos.), plus another person, possibly Patience’s sister, Margaret Bell, age 19. Samuel and Susannah are also in Cherokee County, along with their two daughters Susanna and Margaret but not their son Samuel IV, who would have been 11 by this time.
Samuel III and Susannah will appear in the federal census one more time, in Fair Play, Fannin County, GA, where son Abraham also lives. This is the only census that says Samuel’s mother was born in England. One hardly knows how to interpret that piece of news; probably it is meant that Samuel II, only one generation removed from the German language and culture that the Elrods carried with them from Maryland into Georgia, married an ethnically English wife. In no other census is Samuel’s mother’s birthplace identified as England.

Jacob Jr. is also in Fair Play, working as a laborer in the home of cousin Joseph G. Lance and his wife Mary J. Next door is his father’s third wife, Marcela (misspelled Mursilia), although Jacob Sr. was not at home for the census taker’s visit and is not listed.  Mursilia Elrod says she is married, however (He and Marcela appear together in the 1900 census).

Samuel III died in 1882.  From his tombstone and family history, we learn he was a Baptist preacher.   He and his still mysterious wife Susannah are buried at Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery, established 1858, on state spur 60 in Fannin County, Georgia near the state line bordering North Carolina.


That leaves one more missing piece.   Who is the other son of Samuel Elrod II?  The key to this puzzle is provided by Jacob Elrod’s third wife.  Marcila Elrod died earlier than her husband Jacob and is buried at the New Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery, founded in 1872,  north of Mineral Bluff in Fannin County.  Next to her, in the same plot #68, is her husband’s brother. Likely a Civil War casualty.

Jno. M. Carter Elrod Feb. 5, 1829 – Apr. 3, 1864
Marcila A[deline Stuart] Elrod May 11, 1823 – Aug. 2, 1907

As for son Jacob, around 1881 he  married a Civil War orphan named Nancy Hartness, about 2 years his junior, whom he must have met in his neighborhood in Hot House, Cherokee County, NC. They lived most of their lives in Morganton, GA, and are buried at the Hope Baptist Church Cemetery.   Their tombstone is decorated with symbols of the Masons and the Order of Eastern Star.


[1] The Cherokee land lottery, containing a numerical list of the names of the fortunate drawers in said lottery, with an engraved map of each district. By James F. Smith (1838). New York, Printed by Harper & brothers, p. 142.  On p. 174 is the reference to Samuel’s son: “ 89 Newberry Elrod, Jones’s, Habersham.*”  See additional note below.
[2] [r.s. = revolutionary soldier].
[3] P. 96: “115 Abraham Horton, Jones’s, Habersham.*” Other Elrods who received land from this lottery were:
159 Abraham Elrod, Sen., Dobbs’s, Hall. (p. 182); 218 George Elrod, Whelchel’s, Hall.* (p. 169); 289 Adam Elrod’s ors., Seay’s, Hall. (p. 310; the abbrev. “ors.” Means this grant was given to Adam Elrod’s orphans).
[4]This material is copyrighted, but may be cited by anyone so long as credit is given to the editor of this web site.

Additional note:  from

The state of Georgia did nothing for its Revolutionary War veterans until 1820 when veterans were allowed to enter the Third Land Lottery of Georgia. Requirements for entering this lottery included residence in the state of Georgia for at least three years and service in the United States military during the Revolutionary War. This military service was not limited to service in or under the state of Georgia. Subsequently, Revolutionary War veterans were also allowed to enter the Fifth and Sixth Land Lotteries of 1827 and 1832, respectively, with the same requirements as in the Third Land Lottery. This database contains a list of all the veterans who won land in the Third, Fifth, and Sixth Land Lotteries of the state of Georgia. Along with the name of the veteran, the list also includes the name of the county in which the veteran resided as of the date indicated, Land Lottery, the year of the Lottery (1820, 1827, or 1832) in which the veteran won land, the Land Lot number, District number, occasionally the section number, and county of the draw (which are all indicated under the “Fortunate Draw” column), and the date the land was granted.


8 Responses to “Lineage and Descendants of Samuel Elrod I”

  1. Jack Elrod said

    I have been tracting my family history and ran into you web posting. My great-grandfather was Robert G Elrod and was the son of a John Elrod. John was a farmer and was club footed and from the NC, TEN, and georgia border. I think that Samuel Elrod was his father and susannah was his mother. I wonder if you have any info on John Elrod and you could share with me.


    Jack W Elrod

    • We are working on a list of John Elrods to post on this blog. Check back in a couple of weeks.
      — The editor.

    • William T. Horton, Jr. said

      Jack Elrod: I think we e are 1st cuzzins !!! My granpa was also Robert Garfield Elrod , his father was John William Elrod, then Abraham Elrod, and etc as in the above article to John Dieter Elrod…my granma was Rutha Magdalena Crawford ( Maw King ) !!! Been meaning to contact you re this line !!

  2. Betty C. Kurtz said

    I noticed this website today and thought I might be able to ask for information? My Great Grandfather was Harmon B. Elrod of Corsicana/Emhouse, Texas. Son of Adam Elrod and Grandson of Jeremiah Elrod and Anna Catherine Vogler. Any other family members of this group? He was a Conferate Soldier from Tennessee and buried in Austin,Texas confederate soldier cemetary. We have pictures. Thanks

    • Kevin S. Elrod said

      Betty C. Kurtz, I just read your post. I would love to have a copy of any Elrod photos you have. My great grandfather is James Elrod son of Samuel Elrod of Canon Co. TN whom is son of Adam T. Elrod, NC and TN. please contact me at

    • David F. Ellrod said

      Greetings! I am compiling a comprehensive list and as much information as possible on all Civil War Elrod soldiers, and I have a profile on Private Harmon B. Elrod of the 4th Tennessee Cavalry (CSA). I’m not sure what I have that you don’t, but I’d be glad to compare notes! You can reach me at

  3. Kevin S. Elrod said

    Jack Elrod, I have a Samuel Elrod buried here in Rutherford County TN. Wife Cynthia Elrod. I will check dates and get back to you.

  4. Kevin S. Elrod said

    Betty I think my Samuel M. Elrod is son of Smith Montgomery Elrod not Adam T. like I had posted earlier. Smith Montgomery Elrod is son of Jeremiah II, and 1/2 brother of Harmon B. Elrod. Do you have any family photos or further information to add? please contact me at

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