Elrod Family Genealogy

Lineage of Jacob Elrod (1823-aft 1900)

Lineage Chart for Jacob ELROD of Fannin County, GA.

Abraham ELROD (1833-1910)
Margaret ELROD (1842- )

b. 1823, GA
d. After 1900

m.  (1) Missouri Cordell; (2) Patience [Bell?] ; (3) Marcela Stuart

Samuel J. ELROD (1849- )
Susanna ELROD (1836- )
John M. Carter ELROD (1829-1864)

Levi ELROD (1789-1840)
Mary ELROD (1797-1863)
Nancy ELROD (Bef 1800- )

Samuel ELROD (Father)
b. 1800 Aug 12, Pendleton District, SC
d. 1882, Fannin Co., GA

Susannah UNKNOWN (Mother)
b. 1805, GA
bur. New Hope Baptist Church in Morganton GA.

Newberry ELROD (1805?- )
George G ELROD (1810-1865)

Samuel ELROD (Grandfather)
b. 1765 ?
d. before 1840, (GA?)

Unknown (Grandmother)

William J. [?] ELROD Sr. (1773-1861)

Peter ELROD (Cir 1755- )
Samuel ELROD (Great-Grandfather)
b. 1737 Jun 16, Monocacy, Frederick Co., MD
d. 1830 ?, Oconee, SC

Elizabeth (Great-Grandmother)
b. Abt 1741, Monocacy, Frederick Co., MD

William ELROD (Abt 1732-Abt 1778)
Elizabeth ELROD (1739- )
Catherine ELROD (1748- )
Conrad ELROD (1749-1817)
Susanna ELROD (1741-Bef 1783)
Jeremiah  ELROD (Cir 1756-1843)

Wilhelm ELROD (2nd Great-Grandfather)
b. 1708 Oct 10, Hesse, Germany
m. 1736 Jun 14, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
d. 1768, Rowan Co., NC

Anne BESCHELL [BISCHOFF?] (2nd Great-Grandmother)
b. 1722 ?, Warwick, Lancaster Co, PA
d. After 1782, Rowan Co., NC

Agneta ELROD (1714-1714)
Thomas ELROD (1716-1794)
Jeremias (Jeremiah) ELROD I (1709-1767)
Robert ELROD (Abt 1715-1809)
Anna Elizabeth ELROD (1718-Abt 1785)

Johan Diter ELRODT (3rd Great-Grandfather)
b. 1686? 1675?, Pfaltz, Germany
d. Cir 1742-1745, Monocacy, Frederick Co., MD

Mary Magdalena LERCHENZEILER (3rd Great-Grandmother)
b. Bef 1674
d. 1719, bur. Christina, New Castle, Delaware


One Response to “Lineage of Jacob Elrod (1823-aft 1900)”

  1. Phyllis S. Morris said

    I am looking for information on William J. Elrod(1773-1861), father of John W. Elrod (1805-1871), father of Malinda Elrod (1832-1869), mother of Mary Rebecca Ruth Elizabeth Elrod, who was my great grandmother. I notice that you have a William J. Elrod on your site. What is his relationship to Samuel (1737-1830)? I’m also wondering what the question mark after the “J” indicates. Thanks so much for anything you can tell me. I have not been able to go beyond William J. and I would love to find out more about him.

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