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New Theory No. 2: the Jeremiah puzzle

Posted by southernkin on 2009/11/12

This theory arises from where the Elrods lived in 1790.   It was common for brothers, fathers, in-laws to live near each other.  See the page at right 1790 Elrod neighborhoods in North Carolina.

It seems likely that Jeremiah Jr., son of Jeremias, married Mary Null, because he lived near his brother Adam, uncle Robert, and Michael and Jacob Null,  who are probably some near relatives of his wife. Based on their graves in Lutheran cemeteries, the Nulls appear to be Lutheran.  It is  likely this neighborhood was not Moravian, or did not remain Moravian.

The other Jeremiah who married Mary ‘Polly” and Barbara Vogler may have been the son of Wilhelm, as he lives in the same area as two other sons of Wilhelm.  At any rate, it seems more likely that the Jeremiah living near Samuel and Peter is not Jeremiah Jr. but Jeremiah II.

THEORY:  the two Jeremiahs have been confused with each other.


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