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New Theory No. 1. The fate of Thomas Elrod

Posted by southernkin on 2009/11/12

It has been assumed that Thomas (1716-1794?) died young, but it now appears that he remained in Maryland, because he leased land on the Monocacy River (known as “Monocacy Manor”) from Lord Baltimore around 1742. He was also involved in the establishment of the Evangelical Lutheran Church near Michael Heisner’s Plantation. This information negates some attempts to establish Sarah Wood as the mother of a Thomas Elrod, born 1741. Nothing is known of Thomas’s children, but given the procreation talents of the Elrod family, there is no reason to assume he had no descendants. He might even have been the ancestor of some of the unaccounted-for Elrods who appeared later in TN and GA.

THEORY:  Thomas Elrod survived childhood, lived near his father in Maryland, and likely had descendants.


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