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New Theory No. 3: sons of Wilhelm

Posted by southernkin on 2009/11/12

In the 1790 Elrod neighborhoods, Samuel and Peter, known sons of Wilhelm I, lived near each other.  Wilhelm’s son Conrad lived in a different place.  He remained in NC when many other Elrods moved within the decade to SC.  That much is known.

However, Wilhelm’s now-deceased son William Jr. (c. 1732-1782) also bought land near his father’s Deep River home.   Some have speculated that William went to live with his mother near the Yadkin River.  Given his age, that is unlikely.  He surely must have been married and had children.

One theory, unproved, is that he married Elizabeth Fauntleroy, widow of Lawrence Muse, about 1765.  The Muse Family Genealogy Forum has some evidence regarding the mysterious Fauntleroy Muse and DNA evidence showing several lines of Muses in America.  The name Fauntleroy appears among Pennsylvania Elrods in the late 1800s, early 1900s.  One researcher maintains that Lawrence Muse may never have existed.  The existence or non-existence of Lawrence Muse (possibly related to John Teter Elrod’s Kentucky wife, Mary Muse) neither proves nor disproves a possible marriage between Elizabeth Fauntleroy and William Elrod Jr.  According to a western PA regional history, she did marry a Col. William Elrod and live in PA.  William Elrod, Jr., lived in NC, but that would not have prevented her moving to the Allegheny region after his death.

THEORY:   William Elrod Jr. likely had descendants.


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