Elrod Family Genealogy

The Early Elrodts and How They Got Here

In 1710 Johan Dieter (Diter) Elrodt (Elroth, Ellrott) emigrated from the Palatine area of Germany, which had been overswept by armies, leaving havoc, death, starvation, and destruction in their wake. He was among a large number of Palatines who received support from the English crown and came to the American colonies in several waves.  There were numerous Palatine settlements in the Hudson Valley as well.

Elrodt, his wife Maria Magdalena Lerchenzeiler, and one child (probably Wilhelm), sailed with a group of refugees down the Rhine to Rotterdam, then boarded a ship to London which departed on 15 July 1710.

They finally sailed from London to America that same year and settled near Wilmington, DE, where the christening and communion records of the family were recorded at “Old Swedes” Church ( ) . Johan and Maria had six known children: Wilhelm, Agneta, Thomas, Anna Margaretha, Jeremias, Robert, and Elizabeth.

Maria died in 1719. Johan then remarried.

His second wife, Sarah Wood (1700? – 1745, Monocacy, MD) bore another seven known children: George Arendt, Anna Margaretha, Hannah, John Teter, Anna Catherina, Christopher, and Maria Margaret.

Johan later died in Monocacy, MD, around 1745.

For more on their original journey, see an excerpt from a report by Mike Marshall.


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