Elrod Family Genealogy

Where they went: Second Generation Migration

In the late 1750s or early 1760s, the Elrod children began to participate in the great movement of colonists to areas further south and/or further west along the major roads, such as the Great Wagon Road.

Of Maria’s girls, Agneta died in infancy and Elizabeth (1718- 1785?) married Heinrich Bischoff and remained in PA. Among Sarah Elrodt’s daughters, Anna Margaretha (1736-1775) married Joh. Georg Hauser and moved to a Moravian community in NC’; Hannah (b. 1738) married John Parke; Anna Catherina (b. 1724) married James Conner; and of Maria Margaret (b. 1735), no further information is available.

Among Maria Elrodt’s sons,
Wilhelm (1708? – 1768) married Anne Bischoff [Beschell, later the surname became Bishop], and moved to NC, where he settled in Rowan County along the Deep River.  His land grant was near what is now Franklinville, east of Asheboro.

Robert Elrod (1715?-1809) married Sarah (Scott) Wilson, moved to North Carolina, then to Kentucky. in 1756 he is listed as a weaver. (See Artisans in the North Carolina backcountry. Johanna Miller Lewis. )

For Thomas, the information is varied. See New Theory No. 1 below.

Jeremias (or Jeremiah I) was born around 1709 or 1710. He married Sarah Elizabeth Unknown. She died in 1743 in Monocacy, MD. He then remarried into a family that will intermarry with Elrods for generations. Mary ‘Catherine’ Douthit [numerous spellings] was the mother of two sons, Adam (b. 1753) and Jeremiah Jr. (1755-1841). When Jeremias died in North Carolina, his two young sons were still underage. On 6 Feb. 1772 it was ” Ordered by the court that Adam Elrod, Orphan, be bound unto George McKnight according to law until he arrives at the age of 21.” Jeremiah Jr. was apprenticed to his uncle Robert, a weaver.

See New Theory No. 2.

Of the sons of Sarah Elrodt, George Arendt (b. 1722) died in infancy.

Christopher (1721-1785) married Aaltje Soelle, moved to NC, and helped establish the first NC English Moravian church, called “Hope.” Moravians kept excellent records, so the descendants of Christopher, at least during the 18th century, are well documented.

John Teter traveled southward as well, but met Mary Muse in Kentucky and stayed there. Some of his descendants moved into the Allegheny region of western PA.


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