Elrod Family Genealogy

1790 Elrod neighborhoods in North Carolina

Settlement 1:  Salisbury District, Rowan County.
Moravian families and associated surnames:


Christopher (Jr.),  1757-1827, m. Sarah Douthit
Adam,  1744-1812,  m. Rachel Wainscott
John,  (John B., 1763-1855), m. Sarah Ann Riddle
Abraham, (eldest son of Adam, 1767-1852, m. Margery Stanton)

Thomas, Wm. Jacob & Abraham

McKnight – George (to whom Jeremias’ son Adam was bound )
John and  Stephen
Winskot (Wainscott)



Settlement 2:   also Salisbury District, Rowan Co. (sons of Wilhelm Elrod)

Samuel   1  – 2 – 1  ( 1 father, 1 mother, 2 sons
Peter  1 -1 – 3    (1 father, 1 son, 2 dau, 1 mother)
Jeremiah   1- 1 – 3   (1 father, 1 son, 2 dau, 1 mother)

Settlement 3:
Salisbury District, Surry Co:

Conrad Elrod (1749-1817) son of  Wilhelm, m. Mary Hoffman
1790  census data Conrod  Elrod    1 1  1  0  0  (1 father, 1 mother, 1 son)

Conrad’s sons :
Adam (1786-1875) –
Peter (1782- 1833) – later went to TN and was murdered.

Settlement 4:
Salisbury Dist. Stokes CountyElrod & related families

Adam,    2 0 2  (2 males over 16, 2 females)
Jeremiah, 1 – 1 – 3     (1 father, 1 son, 2 dau, 1 mother)
Robert,  1 – 2 – 3 (1 father, 2 sons, 2 dau, 1 mother)
Isaac Douthard,  Nicholas Dull,  Abner Leonard,  Michael Null, Jacob Null


2 Responses to “1790 Elrod neighborhoods in North Carolina”

  1. LaVaughn Elrod Zimmer said

    My family goes back to John Teter Elrod, Christopher Elrod, Sr., Christopher Elrod, Jr. Thomas Benton Elrod, Sr.
    who came to Maries County, Missouri, in 1846, when my grandfather, Thomas Benton Elrod, Jr. was three years
    old and many, many of the Elrods stayed in this same area. My father was Allen Boney Elrod (1894-1986), one
    of fifteen children who were born to Thomas Benton Elrod, Jr. Four children were born to he and his first wife Matilda
    and the other eleven children to he and his second wife, Sarah Margaret Givens, my grandmother.

    Thought you might like to have some more information about the Elrods in Missouri.

  2. LaVaughn Elrod Zimmer said

    About a month ago my husband and I and a cousin from Mooresville, NC visited the
    Old Hope Moravian Cemetery in Clemmons, NC, a part of Winston-Salem, NC. We
    visited the graves of my ggg grand parents, Christopher Elrod, Sr.(1721-1785) and his wife Altje Elrod (1724-1804); the graves of my other ggg grandparents, John Douthit (1709-1784) and his wife, Mary Elizabeth Hope Scott Douthit (1721-1794); and my gg grandparents Christopher Elrod, Jr. (1757-1827) and his wife Sarah Douthit Elrod (1759-1821). We also visited the Old Salem Museum and Gardens in Winston-Salem,
    NC and viewed as described “Rate 1775 Bentwood Box” that had inscribed on the
    inside of the lid “Christopher Elrod, North Carolina, Salem, 1775”. It was a thrill to visit
    the cemetery and to see the box that was over 235 years that belonged to an ances-

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