Elrod Family Genealogy

Moravian Elrods after 1790

The Moravian Elrods remained in North Carolina or moved on to Indiana.

Robert Elrod moved to Kentucky, where he died in 1809, around 94 years old.

Christopher Elrod, Sr. had already passed on.  His son Robert married Elizabeth Riddle, moved to Orange County, Indiana, and died in Sep 1828.  His will named wife Elizabeth; children Noah, Sarah, Stephen, Benjamin, John, Robert, and Elizabeth Evans.  John B. Elrod married another Riddle sister, and they too moved on to Indiana.

Christopher, Jr. and his brother Adam stayed with their Moravian congregations and died at Hope, NC.  After Adam’s death, Rachel Wainscott took her black families, who had been converted and educated in the Moravian Congregation, back to her home on the Yadkin River.

The  memoirs and wills of the Moravian Elrods, including a most touching one by the unmarried sister Mary, a weaver who lived in the Single Sisters’ House, are at

By 1800, most of the remaining Elrods in NC had moved to SC.

For more on Elrods and Riddles, see:


4 Responses to “Moravian Elrods after 1790”

  1. LaVaughn Elrod Zimmer said

    In about 1846 my great-grandfather, Thomas Benton Elrod, Sr.(1792-1856), a son of Christopher Elrod, Jr.(1757-1827), came to Maries County, Missouri. My grandfather Thomas Benton Elrod, Jr.(1843-1926) was about three years old. There was a total of 15 children born from the two marriage of Thomas Benton Elrod, Jr., my father Allen Boney Elrod (1894-1986) was a son of the second marriage. The first wife was Matilda Slater and the second wife was my grandmother, Sarah Margaret Givens
    Elrod. They settled in the Bend community of Maries County, Missouri, and all three
    lived out their lives in that area and are all buried at the Elrod Cemetery, now known
    as Union Hill Cemetery, about eight miles east of Vienna, Maries County, Missouri,
    on Hwy. 42. My husband and I are so blessed that we own the original “Bent Elrod

    • It is so kind of you to share this information with other readers (who, by the way, access SouthernKin from all over the world) that I would like to remind you of another sharing possibility: photos. If you have photos you’d care to send for the web site (only of the dead — we don’t invade people’s privacy by posting photos of the living), many other Elrod descendants would be interested. This might also be true for photos of the Bent Elrod homestead, if you are interested in that kind of sharing. Our family made the same pilgrimage this summer, to Salem, Bethabara, and the old Hope cemetery (very hard to find and harder to see names). It was a joy, and I hope other Elrods, whether or not descendants of Christopher, Sr., will visit.

      Many thanks for your posting.

  2. LaVaughn Elrod Zimmer said

    I have pictures of the family of Thomas Benton Elrod, Jr., my parents, Allen B. and
    Zillah Martha Backues Elrod, and also of the Bent Elrod Homestead showing the old
    log house, the home built in about 1920 where my parents lived out their lives and
    raised their five children. We own the land but do not live there. We built a new brick
    home just north of Vienna, Maries County, Missouri, when my parents were still living
    and before they gifted all their land to their children. To e-mail those pictures, how
    would I go about it? I probably won’t have time to do it until winter comes.

  3. Keith Taylor said

    Have run into a brick wall concerning information about my GG Grandmother, Rachel Elrod. M to Joseph Eubanks. She was born 1822 Died 1888. Buried in the New Salem UMC Cemetery, Commerce GA. There are Rachel Elrods noted in many places, but not “my” Rachel. I know someone knows her parents. Thanks!

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