Elrod Family Genealogy

Is this William Elrod’s Land Grant?

Orange County Records, Volume VII, Granville Proprietary Land Office, Miscellaneous Records edited by William D. Bennett, C. G. [NC State Archives]:

1. Rowan County, NC
Elrod  William Warrant 29 November 1753

640 acres on east side of Deep River about 1/2 mile below where PD (Pee Dee) path crosses the river, entered 7 July 1753, surveyed for 180 acres in Orange 20 November 1758, issued 12 January 1761.

2. Elrod, William Warrant 1 April 1754

180 acres, in Orange County, on north side of Deep River: William Bunch and William Elrod, Jr., CC, entered 7 July 1753


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